Dear Political Candidate,

Regarding the GO Show Expo at the DECC in Duluth:

This is a PRIVATELY owned and operated event that is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC by ticket only, therefore, we are establishing the following rules for political candidates. You are welcome to purchase a ticket and attend the event

No candidate will be permitted to stand at any entrance greeting people as they arrive or at any exit when they leave.
No candidate will be allowed in the event with campaign apparel on of any kind.
No candidate will be allowed to hand out stickers, buttons, literature, or any kind of other information on their campaign

Thank you for understanding that this is a major event for seniors that many exhibitors and sponsors are spending money to exhibit, participate and inform seniors of  goods and services available to them in the region. Also, our attendees are from all over the region.

You, as a candidate, are welcome to buy a booth at the event to politic at our special.  Non profit/government agency fee of $275.00.

Any candidate that does not comply with these guidelines will be immediately asked to cease activities and if they do not do so will be asked to leave.