**Due to circumstances related to covid, we are unable to provide wheelchairs at the show this year, please bring your own wheelchair.**

Today’s generation of seniors isn’t the butterscotch in their pocket, tissue in their sleeve seniors of the old days.   Today’s seniors and soon-to-be seniors are active, they are still: working, having fun, helping raise their children’s children, vacationing, crafting, building, buying – they are Still Going.  And the GO Show will help them find the information they need to get there.

At the GO Show, you’ll still find all the important information you need as you get older – estate planning, healthcare, etc – but now the GO Show will focus not just on what you have to do, but what they WANT to do! This means more fun – with exhibitors featuring travel, beer, food, outdoor gear, hobbies, and afternoon entertainment that will rock.

 We’re excited to meet the needs of today’s seniors and to present an expo where they can enjoy entertainment, gather information, and meet new friends in a festive atmosphere.

2021 Exhibitors
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9:30 AM     Chmielewski Fun Time Band
11:00 AM    Rickey Lee

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